Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Jesus you can't Ignore

Every person has an image of Jesus Christ, whether or not you are a believer. All have an opinion on Him. Some describe Jesus as a great teacher, a wise person, or a gentle man. Most images of Jesus Christ show him as plainly dressed, calmly teaching and healing the people around Him. He is often described as the Lamb of God or the Prince of Peace.
However, there are other aspects to the character of Jesus Christ that are not as popular or widely shared. The Bible talks about Jesus as a fully human, yet fully divine, being. He is unique as the Son of God and as the only sinless man to ever live. He demonstrated a full range of human emotions and actions while on Earth.

In The Jesus you can't Ignore, John MacArthur walks the reader through some of the bold confrontations of Christ. He addresses the topics Jesus was passionate about and the manner in which He dealt with others regarding these topics. MacArthur holds nothing back, as Jesus held nothing back in His teachings. MacArthur argues that if you are to take Jesus seriously and obey His teachings, you cannot be meek and mild all of the time. Sharing and living the Truth requires courage and boldness, and the stories he shares about Jesus demonstrate the correct way for His followers to live and confront others.

Many times, MacArthur points out, you can live peacefully with others, and Jesus always encouraged this in His teachings. There are times, though, when others need to be confronted with honesty and boldness, and those examples are the ones he refers to in this book.
MacArthur's concern is that the Gospel and the message of Jesus may be lost if people continue to be wishy-washy or too tolerant of untruths. He tells people to share truth boldly and follow the example of Christ. MacArthur uses examples from the Bible to demonstrate faith needs to be defended with truth. No one should water down the Gospel message or try to tailor it in a way that would make it more acceptable to others. While people should reach out to others and try to relate to them, Jesus makes it clear that the truth must be shared and preached.

This book is well-written and the arguments are clear. All of MacArthur's ideas and points are backed by examples from Scripture. I enjoyed this book, as it reminded me of another side of Jesus that is as equally important as His merciful side. I would recommend this book to all who want a better picture of the Christian's responsibility toward truth and sharing the Word.

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