Wednesday, November 18, 2009

EDUC6713 week3

Last week, I developed a GAME plan to help me implement some of the technology standards into my classroom. One area I wanted to develop was promoting student reflection. To do this, I wanted to establish a classroom blog where students could reflect upon items from class and their own work and then "discuss" this with one another. I want them to have accountability and take ownership of their work. This week, I established the blog and I will introduce the concepts to students in the coming weeks. As I move forward, I will need to look for some reflective tools I can use to help students see what areas they need to analyze within their own work, and ways they can reflect upon what is being done in the classroom. I will search the Internet and ask colleagues for advice on what types of tools would be most effective.

Secondly, I wanted to focus on evaluating and reflecting on current research and professional practice. I want to be aware of what information is out there, learn to implement new technologies into my classroom, and then reflect and evaluate the work I am doing within my classroom. This will take many steps and resources to accomplish, yet this type of evaluation and reflection will never cease in a classroom. First of all, because there are no PLCs in my district, I need to locate one that I can be a part of. I have done some online searching and have joined two learning groups through my diingo account. I have joined elearning 2.0 and Google in education. However, I have not yet had much opportunity to read the majority of the articles. I do, though, have the ability to comment on things I am doing in my classroom to ask for advice or to reflect upon the outcomes. I can use these sites to read for new information and hold myself accountable for trying new ideas. I would also like to look for and subscribe to educational magazines that deal with new technology. My next step will be to search for these and subscribe. Finally, I am using my personal blog as a reflection tool and will continue to do so.

These beginning steps will help me implement these new standards in my classroom. As I look at what I am doing and need to do, this will change and need updated as well.

National Education Standards for Teachers (NETS-T) retrieved from on November 10, 2009.


  1. Glad to hear you are blogging with your students, I have also started one, and have begun to encourage students to use it. One possible way to have them reflect on their own strengths and weaknesses could be to post an open ended question where you have them describe what grade they think they deserve on a particular project or activity and why based on how well they feel they understand the content. It could become an old topic fast, but it would give you insight into what they thought of the lesson, and also how they feel about their own learning of the material.

    I like the idea of the elearning 2.0 and Google in education, and plan on looking into them myself. Keep up the good work!

  2. Mrs. H, I love the idea of a discussion blog in the classroom. It is a good extension of the classroom and as you mention it is a great way for students to make original works. The students will again have go over information and be able to defend their point of view. These are all high level thinking. Nice GAME plan!