Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Week 6

As I continue to work toward meeting the goals of my GAME plan, I have begun collecting reflection tools and inquiring of others how they have students reflect upon their learning. I have continued to add to my portfolio of ideas for reflection. In addition to exit cards, I have found several other ideas I will try within the next semester. One idea is to have students write down goals for learning at the beginning of the unit or lesson. They can list their goals on post-it notes and then we can hang them in the room somewhere. After the lesson, we can verbally reflect whether or not we feel those goals have been met. Another idea is to set students up with accountability pen pals. Students would be paired up with one another and would blog or write back and forth to discuss what they have learned, what they are learning, and what they need to continue to work on. I feel I have discovered some great resources to help with this goal.
I am continuing to work on developing my professional growth and leadership. The first week of blogging with colleagues has been successful. However, I have not had much success in finding other teachers who are willing to hold me accountable within my teaching practices. Another option I am going to try is video taping some of my lessons and asking others to view them to critique my teaching style. I would like to have some feedback on ways to improve. I am also continuing my search for other PLC options.
I am not yet sure I am ready to pursue other goals as of yet. However, I would like to begin to incorporate more problem-based learning in my classroom, which ties in with the NETS standard of engaging students in real-world issues and problems with digital media and resources. In this regard, I will begin by refreshing my knowledge on wikis and planning for several PBL opportunities.


  1. Ginger,

    You are doing great - keep it up! How about if you record your lessons and post them on your blog for critique? This way, any of your followers can help further develop your lessons. This could lead to a positive PLC experience for you and others. You have a great plan which is not too involved, so it's very achievable during this year. Great post!

    -Stephen St. Georges

  2. Stephen brings up a great idea, and it would be beneficial to students too who may have missed some information in class. Also, the idea of having the students write down their goals is a beneficial tool because it keeps them interested in the lessons from day to day, and can give you some extra enrichment activities activities/information to cover if you have the time to do so.


  3. Reflection can be a difficult piece to establish in a classroom. Sounds like you are doing a wonderful job! Where can I find your collection of reflection ideas?

  4. Having your students put their goals on a post it note and putting it somewhere in the room sounds like a good idea. This way each student can strive to accomplish that goal that they set. Evaluating these goals after the unit will let the students see what they need to work on and what they have accomplished already. Putting students together as pen pals to blog back and forth is also a good idea. Students can ask each other questions in this manner if they don't understand something from class that day. It is a good way for them to learn and us sit back and let them teach each other.

  5. The idea of accountability pen pals sounds like a wonderful idea. With each student having someone who knows their goals and helps them keep pressing on to reach their goals, there is a greater chance of success. I also like the idea of posting the goals in the classroom so the students can continually see what they are looking and working toward. I agree with Phil that the blogging also creates a peer helper network naturally.

  6. Virginia
    Currently, I list my reflective ideas on a word document. I will try to clean it up for you (my thoughts aren't always the easiest to decipher) and then I will put it in my Google Docs, so I can link it here for you.

  7. I love you idea of written goals. It is written down for all to see. It is something that you can do to show the student accountability. It also makes sure the students create ownership of their information. Setting and having a visible goal is a great thing.