Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Boy who Changed the World

The Boy who Changed the World is a book by Andy Andrews. It is written for children following the same premise as his adult version, The Butterfly Effect. In this book, Andrews uses the examples of several people, including Norman Borlaug, Henry Wallace, George Washington, and Moses Carver.
He writes about these famous people in a way that children can understand, demonstrating the acts that made them famous. Each story portrays the way these people made a difference in the lives of others.

For example, in the story of Norman Borlaug, Andrews shows kids how Norman became interested in plants and used his knowledge to create special seeds of corn, wheat and rice. These seeds turned into plants to help feed hungry people in all areas of the world. Over two billion people were saved from starvation. And Norman was just an ordinary person.

Through these stories, Andrews reminds his readers that anyone can make a difference, and that is how we should live our lives. We are here to effect others, and even small things can add up to large differences with lasting effects. He explains that when one butterfly flaps its wings, it moves tiny pieces of air, moving even more pieces of air, until it can create a large wind on the other side of the world. Andrews wants kids to know that their actions can be like those butterfly's wings. They can effect many people for a long time by living intentionally. They can choose their actions so that others receive the effects. He reminds kids that every little thing they do matters to someone, somewhere, whether they are aware of it or not.

This book has colorful illustrations and is easy to read for young readers. The point is easy to understand, and the stories and examples are entertaining. I would recommend this book for kids up to about age twelve.

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